Child Rights Community Education | Peru

Child Rights Community Education

Partner | IBVM Peru

Location | Ate Vitarte – Huaycán, Peru


Violence against children is an ever-increasing social problem in Peru. It is evident in the growing number of child victims of violence cases documented by the Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic – approximately 20,551 to date. Most perpetrators are trusted adults within a child’s family, society, or school.

For this reason, the project seeks to work with children and adults to prevent violence and its associated developmental impacts, reduce the social tolerance for mistreatment and promote community-wide awareness of the issues.


Issues of violence against children are exacerbated in areas such as Huaycán, just outside Lima. Many people live in slum-like conditions and face daily hunger, economic hardship, and preventable disease.

To ensure the project’s success, specific modules will be designed to address the individual and social characteristics of the community and develop themes on self-care and the prevention of sexual violence in children and adolescents.


Vital projects such as these fulfil the mission of Mary Ward International Australia and further work towards UN Sustainable Development Goal 16, which calls for the elimination of abuse, exploitation, trafficking and any other forms of violence against children.

The implementation team comprises specialists working to prevent family and sexual violence against children and adolescents. The team will:
  • Design three educational modules and produce associated educational material.
  • Conduct educational workshops.
  • Work in partnership with children, parents, community leaders and national associations aligned with the National Education Project and the National Multisectoral Plan for Children and Adolescents.
  • Coordinate training and activities with community leaders, parents, and institutions in the Huaycán area.