Community Nursing Bursaries | Zambia

Community Nursing Bursaries

Partner | IBVM Community of Southern Africa

Location | Lukulu, Zambia


This project provides Diploma of Nursing bursaries to young, marginalised people from the Western Province, one of the most impoverished regions of Zambia. These bursaries, for students attending the College of Nursing and Midwifery in Lukulu, cover the tuition, practical training, travel and accommodation costs of students with significant financial need.

These bursaries give young people the opportunity to access higher education while alleviating the financial pressure on struggling families – thereby breaking the cycle of poverty.

It is anticipated that each bursary holder will return to their community to deliver healthcare to those most in need.


The remote districts of Lukulu and Mitete do not have sufficient qualified nurses to adequately provide local health services. In addition, a low retention rate for nurses working in these districts presents an ongoing challenge for the region.

It is estimated that a third of any annual student intake at the College for Nursing and Midwifery would not be able to continue their studies without financial support. Without education, local youth are unable to break the cycle of poverty for themselves and their families.


To ensure greater equality, the Diploma of Nursing bursaries provide assistance to the most impoverished who have achieved sufficient grades to satisfy entry requirements.

Priority is given to local youth, thereby providing qualified nurses who are familiar with and more suited to the difficult living conditions of such a remote area, thus enhancing future staff retention, strengthening the local healthcare system and bringing quality, sustainable health care closer to the people as a result.


This project provides community nursing bursaries to give young people an opportunity to pursue tertiary and professional training which is otherwise inaccessible to them in this remote and underdeveloped area of Zambia.

Specific activities include:

  • Assisting local students to apply for Diploma of Nursing bursaries the College of Nursing and Midwifery in Lukulu.
  • Providing financial support for 10 students to complete a Diploma of Nursing.
  • Monitoring students’ progress and assisting them on their higher education journey.

Additional bursaries are being funded by others within the Loreto global network.