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IBVM Hostel Scholarships

Project overview

This project’s objective is to award up to ten scholarships to young female university students in need of assistance. The scholarship covers the cost of rent, food, and utilities to alleviate the immediate financial burden on the students’ families.

The IBVM hostels aim to assist girls aged between 18-21 years, who come from impoverished rural areas to study at colleges and universities in Ho Chi Minh City. MWIA is proud of its commitment to the IBVM hostels that currently provide accommodation for 50 young female students. There are two IBVM Hostels in Ho Chi Minh City – the Mary Ward Hostel, in operation since 2013, and the St Mary’s Hostel, in operation since 2014.

The hostels provide safe and healthy conditions in which to live and study, and a sense of belonging to a community away from home. The low monthly fee to cover rent, food, and utilities can be a burden for rural families. The IBVM Hostel Scholarships project will provide ten students with this support, assisting the students to complete their tertiary education and helping alleviate the financial burden on families.

Students graduate from their respective colleges and universities and return home to improved job and entrepreneurship prospects. Female students develop greater self-esteem, gender equality is enhanced, and generational impact is strengthened.

Project activities 
  • Provide ten scholarships of AUD $4000 annually to young female university students
  • Provide funds for board
  • Support and encouragement