Jicamarca Health Support | Peru

Jicamarca Health Support

Partner | IBVM Peru

Location | Jicamarca


Countries worldwide are struggling with wave after wave of COVID-19, and health services are being pushed to the brink to provide adequate care for the sick. Unfortunately, when the second wave hit Peru, Jicamarca was not spared. Local cases increased, raising concerns about some of the virus’s secondary complications, such as limb numbness, headaches, and lung and heart conditions, in addition to the emotional toll.

Loreto Sister Patricia Mc Laughlin supervises a health clinic in Jicamarca that has provided pharmaceutical services to thousands of people, primarily women, children and the elderly. They have further provided hundreds of telemedicine consultations and home visits, in addition to medicinal donations to vulnerable people.

This project provides much-needed financial support to allow Sr Patricia and her health team to respond to this most challenging time in Peru.


Peru is also in the midst of a severe political crisis. Elections in April served to further polarise the population with radical parties at either end of the spectrum disseminating false information and generating uncertainty. Vaccination rates remain low following a campaign of erroneous information about the vaccine, leaving a large portion of the older adult population unprotected. Their vulnerability is compounded by a lack of opportunity to generate income on their own and the government’s general abandonment of the people. If this wasn’t enough, Peru has suffered several earthquake tremors in recent months, further complicating the ability of aid organisations to deliver services to desperate communities.


Vital projects such as these fulfil the mission of Mary Ward International Australia and further work towards UN Sustainable Development Goal 3 – ensuring healthy lives and well-being for all.

  • Purchase personal protective equipment such as medical-grade masks, gloves, disposable aprons, disposable caps, disposable boots and ammonium for disinfection – all to prevent disease and to work safely with patients.
  • Acquire three oxygen concentrators – to help give first aid to patients requiring oxygen who are unable to attend hospital.