Piriwa Op Shop and Enterprise Hub | Australia

Piriwa Op Shop and Enterprise Hub

Partner | Enterprise Partnerships, WA

Location | Balgo, Western Australia


The Piriwa Enterprise Hub, a women’s cooperative in Balgo, contributes to the health and well-being of women and their families by strengthening cultural identity and language via culturally-based enterprise development.

Piriwa provides opportunities for women to engage in training and education to lead their own initiatives, and as a social enterprise, profits are circulated back to on-country trips for women and families.

Through this project the Piriwa leadership team will have increased skills in governance to manage the hub with increased independence.


Women in Balgo (Wirrimanu) experience extreme economic marginalisation and face unique social and environmental challenges when accessing structured activities such as training, education and employment. The majority of women in the community have no experience or knowledge of business and entrepreneurial concepts. These issues are severely compounded by poor mental, emotional and social well-being.

One of the most effective ways to support employment opportunities in remote towns like Balgo is to engage with local knowledge and take a ‘place-based, Indigenous-led approach’, such as that used at Piriwa. This approach genuinely engages First Nations women in the economy while supporting their social and emotional well-being and educational and cultural engagement.


Work done throughout the project will enhance the ability of the Piriwa leadership team to develop governance and strategy skills, strengthen partnerships and attract resources to secure a sustainable future for Piriwa.

Long-term, the project will improve the economic empowerment and participation of extremely marginalised First Nations women in Balgo by providing them with opportunities to build the skills, knowledge and confidence to explore, develop and grow their ideas into enterprises.