South Sudan

Under 5 Health Support

Partner | Loreto Rumbek

Location | Maker Kuei, Rumbek, South Sudan


South Sudan faces many health challenges but none more devastating than the high incidence of child death under the age of five. Sadly, many of these deaths are preventable with a majority attributable to malaria, pneumonia and malnutrition.

Childhood illnesses often go untreated for prolonged periods due to delays in seeking healthcare, and individuals in rural areas face additional challenges, such as proximity to the nearest health centre. In some cases, accessing healthcare facilities can take an entire day, leading to further delays in receiving essential medical attention.

This project seeks to ensure that immunisations, health education, nutritional support as well as medical consultations are accessible to children in rural communities. Though this project will directly target children under the age of five, mothers, caregivers and siblings will also receive support.


The nutritional status of children in South Sudan presents an alarming picture, with a third of those under the age of five experiencing stunting, while 7.3% suffer from acute malnutrition. The ramifications of these conditions extend far beyond childhood, potentially hindering their health, growth, and overall development throughout their lifetime. Moreover, if not addressed early, these health challenges may significantly limit a child’s access to education and future livelihood opportunities.

Accessibility to primary health care services remains a significant challenge in South Sudan, with just 44% of the population estimated to have unrestricted access to a health facility. Other factors hindering people’s ability to seek healthcare services in the region include a lack of awareness regarding available services, cultural attitudes, misconceptions and illiteracy.


This project will contribute to the health and wellbeing of the Maker Kuei community of Rumbek by providing better access to healthcare, delivering life-saving vaccinations, and distributing nutritional supplements to malnourished children under the age of five.