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Action for Others

By Karen Fogarty | Date 24.10.2022

Mary Ward International Australia (MWIA) currently supports 21 projects globally. The impact we have working with women, children and communities…

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Reaching New Heights for Charity

By Karen Fogarty | Date 05.12.2017

Earlier this year my mum and I successfully summited Mount Kilimanjaro. The summit on Mount Kilimanjaro is called Uhuru Peak and stands at 5,895m and to put this in perspective, Mount Everest reaches 8,848m – just over 2,950m higher…

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Donor Story: Why I give

By Karen Fogarty | Date 31.07.2017

Our family has had a very long association with the Loreto community. My wife Meg Morrison, and her sister Marie Morrison attended Loreto Kirribilli from Kindergarten to Year 12, and their five brothers all attended the junior school. For the last six years, our daughter, Alexa, has been continuing the family tradition. Loreto’s commitment to high quality education is a cornerstone of the organisation. However, this is only the beginning as this education is amplified by the community’s commitment to social justice through the empowerment of women.

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