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Mary Ward Health Centre Rumbek

By Karen Fogarty | Date 04.11.2020

I never wanted to be a missionary when I joined Loreto in 1998, or so I thought. In 2004, as the sisters discerned a new mission, I spent some weeks in India meeting…

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Loreto Rumbek Curbing Child Marriage

By Karen Fogarty | Date 05.12.2017

Child and forced marriage remains a widespread practice in South Sudan, rooted in cultural and traditional beliefs, rather than religious, with 52 percent of girls marrying before their 18th birthday. Generally, these marriages are arranged by the families within and across tribes…

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Creating brighter futures in South Sudan

By Karen Fogarty | Date 25.11.2016

Loreto Rumbek is making a huge impact with the quality of education it delivers despite the internal fighting which continues five years after independence brought an end to 20 years of civil war with the north. Loreto Rumbeck has two schools: a day primary school for 542 boys and girls…

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