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Leader of Passion and Purpose

By Karen Fogarty | Date 27.04.2021

Loreto Rumbek is an impressive example of a community that empowers leaders to develop their strengths and take responsibility for…

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From Concept to Creation: Mary Ward goes Virtual

By Karen Fogarty | Date 30.11.2020

Up until this year, the term Twenty-twenty  usually referred to normal visual acuity, but it now also means the year our planet was turned on its head by a virus! All aspects of what many thought…

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WATCH: Tackling poverty by changing attitudes, systems & lives

By Karen Fogarty | Date 13.04.2017

Founder of the Loreto Sisters, Mary Ward, was a visionary woman born in England over 400 years ago. She believed that girls should be educated and women empowered. In an era when education was unavailable to girls, Mary Ward offered young women an opportunity to open their minds – encouraging them to seek truth and do justice.

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